Where is War Money Coming From

Congress continues to focus the general public on the make believe problem of not having enough money to spend on the poor, the elderly, the sick and the homeless.

Yet we continue to hear about their plans to send money to other countries, especially money for wars, ammunition, and the military.

Where is everyone's common sense?

If there is no money to take care of the dying people in America, then where is all of this war money coming from?

Until this nation realizes that sustaining life is more honorable than taking life, we will continue to struggle as a nation.

It's karma. It's a universal law of nature. You reap what you sow.

Meanwhile, I find it uplifting to hear a movie star or other famous person using their fame to try to bring some common sense and humanity to their fans.

The real answer to all of America's money problems is so simple.

Yet the "people" continue to ignore the solution.

From the mouths of the wealthy...

Raise taxes on the 1%.

Stop allowing corporations tax cuts even if they locate in another country. If half of their profits come from the U.S., then they should pay their fair share of taxes.

Such a simple and fair solution is so obvious, yet no one sees it?

I'm baffled by the blindness.


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