Energy Modernization Act

The "Energy Modernization Act" sounds like an act that's on target for making things better for Americans, right?


While other states are demanding that chemicals used in fracking (hydraulic fracturing) be revealed, North Carolina has taken a step backwards.

The Energy Modernization Act will actually prosecute anyone who reveals what those deadly chemicals are.
Fracking Damage

Yes, you read that right.

You may be thinking that all of the problems that have resulted from fracking are due to poor equipment and processes that are not regulated - and you would be right.

The problem is that no one seems to be able to make sure that their "process" is safe and therefore no one should be allowed to continue fracking unless and until the procedure is not damaging our drinking water.

Personally, I believe the damage will go much deeper than that, simply because of the process itself. It is not logical to do this to the planet. The effects are still being studied. Why are we taking chances with our lives?

Republican legislators have sponsored a bill—the so-called “Energy Modernization Act,” SB 786—that, among other things, includes mandatory jail time for anyone who discloses what dangerous chemicals are used in the fracking process. 

The bill does allow for emergency disclosure to “first-responders” like firefighters or health care workers, but then requires them to sign a confidentiality agreement. 

Sign the petition: Stop North Carolina’s sweetheart deal to the fracking industry, by urging the state legislature to reject SB 786.
Sign the petition here. 

Learn more about the studies on fracking and the ongoing debate here.


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