I Need to Move Beyond

I read some poignant words which were posted to FB tonight by Gabby Bernstein, who is one of my favorite inspiring people currently. It's amazing how the universe gives you what you need - if you are paying attention. Thankfully, I was - at least tonight.

If, like me, you've ever wondered why you keep repeating the same circumstance with new people, or the same relationships - again, with new people, then this quote may help you.

I found it more of a lesson I needed to learn, about a lesson I need to learn, so I found myself setting it up as if for a big screen presentation. Maybe now it will hold my attention and my awareness.

I can honestly say I have thought of this concept before, but not quite in this way. I need to move beyond... I love that and I choose today, this Easter Sunday of 2014, to move beyond and I look forward to the next experience with gratitude.

Happy Easter!

For a list of books available including
Warrior of the Light,
Please see: Books by Paulo Coelho.


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