Windows 8 Laptop

Many of my friends and acquaintances online have been having computer problems recently, so I thought I would take a moment and clarify the most common issue I have found on the Windows 8 Laptop.

Before I do that, let me add that HP has an amazing deal on a new laptop that comes in Winter Blue.

4GB Memory, 320GB Hard Drive AND Windows 8!

The best part about this deal is the price!

My daughter and I purchased this a couple of days ago (for her use at college) and we are still amazed by the price!

Plus, Microsoft Office does NOT come installed, which makes it easy to register your previously bought Office package. You just need to remember where you wrote down that Product Registration Key! *Note that I hate preinstalled software.

If you're looking into purchasing MS Office for a college student, make sure you look into discounts offered through their school.

HP 2000-2d19wm 15.6-Inch Laptop PC (Winter Blue) / 4GB DDR3 RAM Memory

Be sure to check out the direct link below through Amazon.

Windows 8

If your new computer has Windows 8 already installed, then you absolutely qualify to receive all of the updates released for Windows 8.

The best way to receive them is by allowing Windows to automatically update as needed.

The problem with the new computers and Windows 8 Laptops is that there is at least one critical update that needs to be downloaded and installed before you can update your Windows 8 to the latest release.

The Windows 8.1 update option will NOT appear until the other updates have been installed. So download and install ALL of your updates, and THEN the Update to Windows 8.1 will magically appear. If it doesn't, reboot the computer and check again.

This little glitch has made many think that they needed to pay for the updates to Windows 8, which is NOT true.

This same problem may occur if you are upgrading to Windows 8.

To set your system to automatically update:

In Windows 7
Click on Windows start button in bottom left corner of screen.
Select Control Panel from that menu.
Go to Control Panel; select Windows Updates
Click on Change Settings
Select "Install automatically" (recommended)

In Windows 8, you can just swipe the mouse cursor in from the top right corner of the screen and then type in Windows Updates in the search box and proceed.


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