Evergreens That Repel Bees

My room-mates and I have decided to plant some evergreen plants in front of the house and I've been having a hard time figuring out what to plant.

I love bees, butterflies and birds, but unfortunately, we need to find flowers, plants or shrubs that repel bees because at least two of us are deathly allergic to bees. Since we park in front of the house and have only a car's length front yard depth, this is definitely an issue. So please don't post to fuss.

Many of the bees here in Arizona will sting without provocation.

As I said before - I love the bees, we need the bees, and God save the bees - but they can't be right outside our front door.

For some strange reason, some people tend to get angry when you mention that you want to repel bees. How dare we! This is so common now that it is hard to find information on keeping the deadly stingers away from those who might die in their presence. But I shall not give up!

Here are our issues:

We live in Arizona, we have full sun in the front yard, we're already experiencing problems with moths, and the plants we choose have to be able to survive with very little water.

Oh, and we want evergreens.

And don't forget - they must NOT have a strong attraction to bees.

Not much to ask of Mother Nature, right?

So I'm gathering my information here primarily so I won't lose it. {grin} The second reason is that others may be looking for the same information on evergreens that repel bees.

The first thing to do is determine which "zone" you live in. You need to know this because as you are searching for the perfect shrub or tree, it will tell you which zone is best for that plant.

Here's the link for determining your zone:

Just enter your zip code and hit "GO."
I'm in zone 9A.

Next, I found a site that lists plants and evergreens that repel bees, but only for zones 4 through 8:

The above site did mention Feverfew, but another site mentioned that feverfew can irritate skin allergies. Guess what, that's a problem for us too!

BUT - maybe a plant or two of feverfew...
hanging from the porch rafters...
I'll have to give that some thought.

Just found a video that said to plant smaller plants to repel the bees. View it here:


Feel free to post your solutions.


I'll update as I find answers.


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