Coy Eye Contact

Just read an interesting article on how our body stance and positions can give off the wrong impressions on a subconscious level.

I agreed with most of them, except for the one about women looking over their glasses at someone instead of raising their chin and looking directly into someone's eyes. Apparently, this is considered "Coy Eye Contact" or flirting. Really?

I beg to differ.

Perhaps this is true of younger adults but as one who does this frequently, I know for a fact that it does not always imply coyness or flirting. Actually, I would say that in my case it implies that we won't be talking for very long. At least not long enough for me to bother to take my glasses off.

A prime and more reliable example of the innocence of this gesture immediately comes to mind...

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright did this frequently when speaking to the press, and I don't think she was flirting.

What say you?

You can read the entire article at

By the way, if I look at you over my glasses I am NOT being coy!


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