Feeling So Sad

Sometimes I find myself feeling so sad that it's hard to focus on anything worthwhile.

I can hear the bombs, the screams, the gunfire and the grief filled sobbing and moaning after every attack. It happens so frequently that on most days I cannot even keep account of the number of times this violence occurs.

But what disturbs me mostly is the group of people that are content to sit on the sidelines and watch these unspeakably disturbing visuals day after day. It's the same group all the time. They always manage to remain at a safe distance from the violence they are viewing.

Sometimes they scream words such as "Wow or whoa!"

Luckily, I won't be subjected to as much of this dreadful violence for much longer.

College is starting this week, and since all three of my male room mates are attending classes, they will not have as much time to watch these horribly violent "action packed" movies. {grin}


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