Brains Beetles and Dung

Beetle 1
Brains, Beetles, and Dung

As above so below
said the lightning to the bug

what it means - who should know
say the wise among the smug

the beetle and the brain
from above seem the same

Beetle Images
Beetle 2

The peculiar image captioned as Beetle 1, is the human brain, which is responsible for physical movement. Cute little Beetle 2 is also responsible for physical movement and is utilized by most humans. Beetle 3 is was an Egyptian scarab beetle that legend says is responsible for moving the sun across the sky.

Food Source
It feeds off of whatever the mind and body ingests, which could often be referred to as dung. It feeds off of oil, which is responsible for air pollution and war. Therefore, it feeds off of dung.

It lives in, breeds in and feeds off of dung.
It's a very powerful thing, the brain. Computers have not yet mastered the intricate workings of the brain. It is so powerful, that we have yet to determine all it is capable of.It's a very powerful machine, this beetle, capable of the combined powers of many horses, also known as horsepower in the automotive world.

The scarab's power to come from dung and move the sun, makes it more powerful than the previous two, at least in theory.
The God Factor
The brain is where humans accept or dismiss the concept of God. Others believe that this is the connecting force of God, spirit and the physical human. Regardless of what one believes, those beliefs take place in the brain. Thoughts about God are responsible for the death and destruction of peoples and nations who do not agree with a collective consensus shared by religious groups. The automobile and its food source are worshiped by many, in word and deed. It is worshiped by individuals of all ages, and by most modernized nations. This worship has been responsible for death and destruction via wars that are waged to determine who will control the food source for this machine.

According to the ancient Egyptians, it is sacred because it springs from dung, which is the same thing as coming from nothing, just as God did. The scarab's strength and powers make it nearly synonymous with the Egyptian sun god, Ra. Scarab beetles are designed into charms and amulets that are worn by humans in an effort to bring good luck.
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Poem and research by Sandra Cobb
Condition of poet at time of writing: sleep deprived


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