People of Faith Should Care About Health Care for All

health care
Living in Arizona, I see so many people without health insurance and just like in South Carolina (my home state), if a woman does not have a qualifying child, she does not qualify for help with health care. It seems to me that people of faith should care about health care for all people, regardless of their race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or job status. See Matthew 25.31-46.
How do you get health insurance?
Keep in mind that in order to have health insurance, one must usually have a spouse so that they can afford insurance, or - one must have a full-time job that offers group insurance. Even then, sometimes the insurance premiums are so high that one cannot afford to pay them and continue to feed the family every day.
What about college students?
If you’re working part-time and going to college, you have no coverage whatsoever. I know, because my daughter has two part-time jobs and no health insurance coverage. She is barely 21 and is already in debt. No, she doesn't have a credit card or an iPhone, and she isn't throwing her money away. She is in debt to the hospital, to doctors and to the ambulance that picked her up when she almost died from choking due to an ongoing problem with her esophagus.
What about unexpected dental issues and other emergencies?

Try handling the removal of wisdom teeth, repairing broken teeth and dealing with strep throat without insurance to pay for the office visits, the x-rays, the procedures and then the medications.

What about potential life altering and life threatening conditions?

Try finding out you have a cyst on your pineal gland that is larger than the gland itself and that you need to have an MRI every 3 months to monitor the growth of the tumor growing in your brain. Since I have no insurance and don't qualify for help, I will trust God to handle this cyst for me. It's my only choice. 
Yes my dear Republican Christian friends, thanks to your so-called "conservative" views, I cannot have any help whatsoever. People of faith should care about health care for all. If you don't agree, then familiarize yourself with the teachings of Jesus as stated in Matthew 25.31-46.
Since when is it okay for any humans, especially those of the Christian faith, to NOT care enough about people by DOING something like making sure this country provides affordable health care! People of faith should care about health care for all - otherwise, to me at least, you are a hypocrite.


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