How Many Words Per Minute

Have you ever wondered how many words per minute you can read?

Well, I have, and now there's a test over at Staples that will tell you how many words per minute you can read and still comprehend the text.

I did pretty well, but actually thought I would do better. I read 426 words per minute, which is 70% better than the national average.

If you decide to take the reading test, here's a secret - they will ask you 3 questions at the end of the reading, so pay attention because it's also about reading comprehension.

This would be an excellent test to give students to see how well they are progressing in the education process.

After the reading test, your score will be shown along with average scores for different groups of people, such as 6th graders, college students, college professors, etc.

Click on the image below to take the reading test and find out how many words per minute you can read and comprehend.

Good luck!

Here's my favorite reader - 
the Kindle Fire!  


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