Thou Shalt Not Make Broad Generalizations

Earlier this week, Ari Fleisher was on Anderson Cooper's show on CNN. It was a fairly interesting exchange regarding current politics, but one of his comments has stuck with me so I decided to vent about it here. By no means is he the only person that has made broad generalization statements that mislead the masses, but his is the one on my mind today.

Fleisher made the comment that President Obama didn't seem to like corporations.

When I was a child, at some point I remember being presented lessons or tests with particular scenarios that were to teach us from making broad generalizations that in fact, were false.

For instance, if they showed you a picture of a black dog, the caption would read...

This is a dog.

The dog is black.

Therefore all dogs are black.

You would answer true or false to the statement.

The lesson is "thou shalt not make broad generalizations."

I guess Fleisher missed that lesson, further proving that education and degrees do not make one intelligent.

Or maybe he is intelligent and just trying to take advantage of shallow thinkers, who will believe that since President Obama does not like corporate thieves, then he doesn't like any corporations at all. Makes perfect sense, right?

Following this logic I will now have to hate cars, because one left me stranded on the highway one time.

I will also have to hate teachers, because a few of them are pedophiles.

Nah, I'll just try NOT to hate people like Ari Fleisher, who spin the truth to fit their own agendas by stating half-truths and hoping the public will buy it. I wonder how he sleeps at night, especially on nights after he has been on national television?

Dear Ari, thou shalt not make broad generalizations that mislead your American brothers and sisters.


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