Luxury living at largest Christian TV network

While I am not a bit surprised by this development, I am a bit puzzled as to why Mr. and Mrs. Crouch require his and hers mansions, and in more than one location???

Surely the two of them can find enough privacy in one mansion? We are using the term mansion - which implies plenty of roaming room, which shouldn't even be needed for people their age - I mean let's get real.

Hopefully people will wake up, tune in to LOVE and stop sending their money to these hypocrites.

NYT: Luxury living at largest Christian TV network - US news - The New York Times - "Mr. and Mrs. Crouch have his-and-her mansions one street apart in a gated community here, provided by the network using viewer donations and tax-free earnings. But Mrs. Crouch, 74, rarely sleeps in the $5.6 million house with tennis court and pool. She mostly lives in a large company house near Orlando, Fla., where she runs a side business, the Holy Land Experience"

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