Star Jones Fired

Celebrity Apprentice is one of my favorite shows. It's fascinating to see how such famous and influential people deal with each other during their ambitious race to the "WINNER" proclamation of Donald Trump.

Sunday night's show was full of entertainment as usual. At one point, I began to wonder if Meatloaf was channeling Gary Bussey, but it turned out okay.

Later, when Meatloaf and Star Jones got into it, I became less of a fan of Star Jones and I wasn't a huge fan to begin with. While she is a woman of great accomplishments, she is also the first person to tell you about them. It was obvious that she was throwing Meatloaf under the bus from the beginning of that episode.

But why?

At first, I thought it was a deliberate act to try to get rid of him, but as she refused to continue her debate with him when it became uncomfortable - as the truth usually is - I began to wonder if there was a deeper psychological reason for her actions.

Star has taken the bull by the horns performing her "branding" tasks with little or no input from others on the team - until Meatloaf.

Why did she suddenly stop?

Perhaps she has some emotional scars that cause her to shutdown in the presence of influential men. Possibly someone in authority caused her a lot of pain in her childhood.

Whatever the reason, Star Jones was fired, mostly because several people had complained of her manipulation and back-stabbing tactics, which no good leader should have.

If you haven't watched the show, this is a great season to watch, even though it's almost over. I think it would be a great tool for anyone wanting to learn how the rich and famous (and powerful) conduct themselves in business matters.

It's definitely a hoot if you have an interest in psychology.


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