Executive Order on Abortion

What an interesting turn things have taken today regarding the debates on health care reform.  The President has offered to issue an Executive Order restricting abortion, but many Republicans are now stating "live" on TV, that Executive Orders are useless.

Really? NO!

Executive orders do have the full force of law AND, the courts have overturned only two executive orders.

I am so tired of the lies.

Speaking of abortion, am I the only one who sees the irony of this?

How can you claim to honor the sanctity of life by opposing abortion, when you allow thousands of people who are already walking on this earth, to suffer and die - needlessly?

Please explain.

Furthermore, what type of future are we creating by insisting that those unwanted children continue to be born?

Who will pay for their needs?

Who or what type of adult Americans will they become once they have discovered the truth of their birth?

Who can have a healthy self-esteem once they know that they were not loved and not wanted by the very people who brought them into this world?


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