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I've read many articles over the years which referred to Wakefield's research linking Autism to MMR Vaccinations. They alarmed me, as they did many parents.

I did have my child vaccinated in spite of the research, but I did not do it according to schedule. I waited much longer before I began the series of childhood/infant vaccinations, and then I waited longer between vaccinations. I don't know if it had any effect at all, except that it made me feel better as a parent.

What I did NOT know is that the Lancet published this research knowing that only a dozen or so kids were in the study. Why in the world would such a study be published and allowed to frighten so many parents, when it was obviously not widespread enough to matter, no matter what the results?

These are the types of questions we need to be addressing as a society.

Research conducted among such small groups should only lead to further research.

The media should report on it, but they should NOT neglect to inform us of such pertinent details as the number of subjects studied. This information is needed if we are to have an accurate portrayal of the findings.

God help us!

Andrew Wakefield / Autism Research


  1. As someone who has worked in sales (health care) I can point to many times when Lancet published garbage.

    It has its effect, then a general questioning emerges, and before long it is forgotten. It does, however, cause damage.

    They have certainly not held to the standards of evidence-based medicine.

    Great article!


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