Why Must we Have War?

Someone much older and wiser than myself asked this question today, "Why must we have war?"

My immediate response was, "How can we not?"

If you were raised on the Bible, you know that strife and murder entered into the picture with Cain and Abel. That was a very long time ago.

What was the cause? Jealousy. Or power. I call it pure envy.

We must have war to protect the freedom of the people inhabiting the world.

If we, as a nation, decided to stop participating in wars for, let's say, 10 years, what would happen? Suppose that no matter what, we would flat out refuse to fight or take police or military action outside of our homeland for the next ten years.

What would have happened if we had not joined the fight against Hitler?

It is my belief that if America refuses to "get involved," then we are literally opening the door for future dictators, tyrants and maniacs to "spread their wings."

Eventually, they would become so powerful that we would not be able to stop them.

Thank God for our brave military men and women who protect our freedom!

May they survive the circus!


  1. Yes, I agree with you 100%. Sometimes we have to go to war to achieve peace. The original policy of appeasement by Britain and France before the start of the Second World War did not stop Hitler from carrying on with his invasion of peaceful nations. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.


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