Who Shops on Black Friday?

Half of CNN's readers do NOT shop on Black Friday

I was checking the news on CNN.com and saw the top 10 deals for Black Friday. I don't shop on Black Friday, and haven't done so in over 15 years.

They also have a poll asking how much people will spend on black Friday, with the lowest dollar amount being $0.

Amazingly, 52% of CNN's readers (online) will not spend one red cent the day after Thanksgiving, which begs the question, who does choose this day to shop? What type of people are willing to literally fight for a spot in the checkout line to save a few bucks?

I'm a thrifty shopper, but the idea of being in a mob does not entice me, even if they're giving merchandise away.

By the way, if you are shopping tomorrow, Target has a great deal on an LCD 32 inch HDTV for only $246, which is half price.

Be safe shoppers!


  1. We went out on Black Friday, but it was around 3pm. We only went because the grandparents wanted the Wizard of OZ re-release. So we went to try and get it. I think that we got a popcorn/coke combo and added a coke between the wife and I. Other than that, we didn't spend any money at Target.

  2. Turns out that my oldest daughter shopped on Black Friday and according to her, she bought me some "cool" stuff... lol. So I'm not complaining!! Personally though, I just can't stand the crowds. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Yeah why bother. The internet is slowly killing Black Friday and rightfully so. It's an embarrassment for America towards the rest of the world.


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