Rights in America

Every time they start to take away one of our rights here in America... they start with what seems to be a "small" thing. This "small" thing promises to make life better for everyone.

Example 1 : Car insurance - We are forced to buy car insurance to take care of our car and anyone else's car that we might damage (I have never been in wreck and I'm 55 yrs old). This forced automobile insurance has cost me a small fortune - and I have never used it - thank God.

The forced auto insurance was about protecting money and property.

Why weren't we outraged over that?

Example 2 : Tobacco Use - Everyone has been happy that most places are now tobacco free. This at least had to do with protecting our health. But now, at least in some areas, they are talking about making it illegal to smoke outside on your own property.

This is taking things too far.

What's next?

Forced health insurance. Pay it (if you can afford it, and "they" will decide who can afford it), or pay fines for not having health insurance.

Bit by bit, our rights are being taken away.

I'm all for controlling health care costs, because I believe as an American citizen we should ALL have access to health care. Why not create more not-for-profit health clinics for those who have no insurance?

Why not regulate the health care system and stop them from price gouging?

Why should those in the health care industry be able to charge whatever price they want for equipment and services?

Health care is a basic need and should be a basic right. It should not be a way to make millions off the backs of those who are sick.

I believe there should be a public government regulated health care option for health care, just as there is for education. If you can afford your own private health insurance and specialist, then by all means take advantage of it just as you do when you send your children to private schools.

Personally, I'm tired of anyone in America being forced to pay for things they can't afford, and may not need.

And that's my rant for this Monday!


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