A New Life

It's been a week of rest, work and blessings as we got settled into our new apartment. My daughter and I took off from SC and moved to Arizona with only what would fit inside our SUV... call us crazy... lots of people did.

I actually agreed that it was a pretty unusual thing to do, but I was also very excited to be on a new adventure at this time in my life. I feel blessed that my daughter wanted me to join her on this quest.

We lived in a motel for a little over 3 weeks, which depleted our money terribly. Finding a place to live was much more of a chore than I had anticipated. But, finally, we found a place and moved our clothes, dishes, tv and computer into it.

That's when we discovered that it is not at all unusual for people to just leave all of their belongings behind and start anew somewhere else. The manager here said it happens all the time. Maybe it's unique to Arizona, I don't know. It's a little disappointing in one way, and a relief in another way, to find out that what we did is not at all unusual.

I have learned that people are nice, everywhere. There are always nice people to balance out the bad ones. The manager at our complex loaned us a bed on the first night, and the next day a guy living in the complex gave us another bed because he had just purchased a new one. Then last night, a new friend offered us a desk for the computer, so I can finally get up off the floor.

Finding a job hasn't been easy though. I've applied and sent out resumes and - well - nothing. It's not easy for a 55 year old woman to find work apparently, no matter what her resume looks like. BUT, my daughter who is attending college here, finally got a call last week and has a job!! YAY!!

The move has been good for me. I find myself excited to blog again, after a 3 month dry spell. But say a prayer for me to find some income.


  1. Until you secure regular employment, don't discount temp work. I had to do it a few times before and after retiring. Be positive about your age. Confidence is contagious. Some employers prefer mature workers because they usually have a good work ethic, along with valuable experience.

  2. Thank you Kismet! I hadn't even thought about temp work... sounds like a great idea! I WILL be confident! Thanks!


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