Plumbing woes - Help!

Plumbing woes... what makes the toilet NOT fill up with water in the back, so that it can flush?

Since last night, we have been having this problem and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. The water just barely drips into the back part where the water is stored. It takes hours for it to fill, and even then it will not deliver a full forced flush. Everything looks fine - no kinks in the chain, etc., but then again, I do not truly know how things should look.

Everything else is draining fine, well, the tub is a little slower than usual, but that's all.

If the problem were a clogged line, then the toilet would run over, correct?

Any possible solutions would be welcomed as I do not have the money for a plumber.


  1. I have no idea but my husband is a great handyman. We call him McGiver. Here are some of his suggestions.

    Adjust the height of the floater. The floater is what regulates the level of the water.

    Make sure that the hose that comes out of the floater into the tank is not clogged up or twisted.

    Check the level line on the tube in the center of the tank to adjust the water level.

    Usually tanks have a tube in the center of the tank which marks the water level.

    By the way a few months after purchasing our new home the downstairs bathroom overflowed and my bottom floor was completely flooded. What a mess. The kids threw a toy down the toilet and of course the water had no where to go when the floater stopped working properly. I empathize with you. Hope this works. If not, let me know and I will check with him again.

    Sometimes the toilet replacement parts are inexpensive and easy to replace.


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