Wednesday Challenge - Verbs

The Fearless Blog has unknowingly challenged this particular avid blog reader to avoid using state-of-being verbs.

The typical every day blogger usually doesn't think about such things when posting, but after some contemplation, it is the opinion of this humble blogger, that taking such things as verbs into consideration could certainly help to improve an article's impact.

Another inspiring factor to consider is the actual challenge of writing without using a state-of-being verb. This process is considerably more difficult than one might think.

Creativity and challenges give many bloggers the motivation to write when the daily grind saps all inspiration from the mind. Such is the case on this day.

May all bloggers who have read this post and the post at The Fearless Blog feel free to accept this challenge and leave a brief excerpt using the comments feature below.

God bless bloggers!

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  1. Your article reveals wonderful advice that I should follow while composing my blog post.


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