A Secret Observed

They were in oblivion, the young man and the old. They could have been figures in a painting: not moving, just quietly fishing, so calm and serene.

They didn't see me watching; I could not be so bold. I knew I was intruding on their sacred ritual for men. A snapshot of a lesson passed from Father to son, that words cannot transcend. My soul sang and leapt for joy as I quietly drank it in.

It was then I knew that a secret observed shouts more loudly and penetrates the heart more deeply than a secret simply overheard.

I longed to stay and remain a hidden participant of their fold. But the knowledge and the spirit of life's sacred moments had not escaped me, and so I tiptoed away, allowing them their day.

Yet in my heart I carried a vision that is with me to this day. My husband and our son - experiencing life in the very best way, on a very good day.

* Writing for 1000 words meme


  1. Beautiful!! So glad you participated this week. That story touched my heart.


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