Learning from the ants

I love ants, just not in my home. They need to understand that they have altered my universe by intruding on my sacred space and that will not be tolerated.

This has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and so I am trying to learn SOMETHING from this.

Surely there is a life lesson in there somewhere!

Four or five little scout ants appear every day in and around the bathroom sink, apparently to scout the area and see if there is any food available.

Persistance - that's an okay lesson. So what if things didn't work out yesterday, let's try the same thing again today. You can't give up - Never give up.

But what about the lesson the ants aren't learning?

Haven't they noticed that their scouts never return?

Why do they keep sending more ants out to the same place when that place is their graveyard?

So, maybe my lesson is to learn that you can't find food in a desert, or you can't drink from an empty well.

Or... sometimes it's just time to move on, leave your comfort zone, and seek a more fertile environment.

Now THAT's a good lesson.

Now I just need to figure out which aspect of my life needs to be left behind.

Thank you, ants, for teaching me - now move on!

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  1. Very interesting article.

  2. Now there's an approach to ants I hadn't thought about...

    Thank you..
    Dorothy from grammology


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