Laid Off Chicago Workers Occupy Plant

The laid-off workers hoisted placards saying,

"Bank of America:
You got bailed out. We got sold out."

I saw this story on one of the cable news networks, but could only find it online at Reuters.

The TV version had a brief interview with one of the workers who was asking people to take their business away from Bank of America. They feel that BOA is not properly managing business considering their recent bailout and that they should have continued to extend credit to their employer, Republic Windows & Doors.

I agree.

The story goes on to say that the window company has known for weeks that they would close, but didn't inform employees until last Tuesday, that last Friday would be their last day.

By law, they should have given them 60 days notice, but how is such a law enforced? If there's no money, then you close, law or no law.

Unfortunately, they are losing benefits including vacation pay which has already been earned - by merit, at least.

The company blamed BOA's cancellation of their credit line for the closing.

By all accounts, the employees are still occupying the closed plant.

The parties involved were expected to meet today to discuss the problem.

Activism is still alive and well in the US.

Full Story: Reuters

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  1. I had not hear about that but glad you posted it. Things are so tough right now and it is even tougher when things don't have to be bad but are. I wish everyone involved in this the best.


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