How do you use Facebook?

I love facebook for keeping up with my family and out-of-town friends and my church group, some of children's friends, and I've been able to connect with many friends from my past.

A couple of days ago, I added the "Facebook Me" link at the top of my blog. But now, I'm wondering, should I really use facebook to "connect" with fellow bloggers and blog readers?

Since facebook constantly shows what is being "written" on walls of your friends, will having a group of people not associated with your actual family and close friends infringe on their privacy, or maybe become an aggravation?

I am able to see what other facebook "friends" (who are not on my list of facebook friends) write on MY friends' walls, and so I just can't figure out how having a large group would be a good thing.

Especially if every time one of my friends writes on my wall, every friend on my list will see it.

Are you using facebook?

If so, is it just for your family and close friends, or have you extended it to include blog readers and internet friends?

I would love to know how some of you are using facebook.

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