Gotta buy a laptop

My daughter is graduating high school this year and even though I am hoping that she will remain at home and go to college within driving distance, I am still planning to give her a laptop as a Christmas/birthday/graduation gift. Even if she remains at home, it will be a huge benefit for both of us to have computer time whenever we want. My old laptop just doesn't work well with all of the new flash features and interactive sites such as facebook and myspace which are sites I don't believe she could live without.

Recently I came across a site that offers reviews of several different brands of laptops and even helps you determine which features you need depending on who will be using the laptop and for what purpose. Top picks are also listed as determined by C-Net, PC Magazine and

Apparently, the overall best laptop across all categories is the Lenovo ThinkPad X300. This one looks great and I would love to have it, but it is a little more than I wanted to spend right now.

The Sony Vaio AR seemes to be the best buy for us partly because it has Bluetooth and a webcam built into the system, and it comes with Vista Home Premium installed.


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