Colors and their meanings

the color red
Found a really interesting story about colors of the year over at The Artist's Muse: "What Color is the Coming Year?"

It's definitely worth the read...

Included in the story was a "synopsis of the meanings ascribed to the colors often used in Christian religious icons" which I have included below for future reference... I think it's interesting to know what the colors might mean to others, especially our favorite color.

* Gold symbolizes divine light.

* Blues are associated with heaven, mystery and the mystical life.

* Red is linked with heat, passion, love, beauty, life.

* Orange-red, associated with fire, suggests fervor and spiritual purification.

* Purple & crimson are associated with royalty and the divine. It is the symbol of supreme power.

* White is associated with the divine world, purity, innocence, and is sometimes used with what Orthodoxy calls "the uncreated light."

* Green represents the earth's vegetation, fertility, youth, hope and freshness, and martyrdom.

• Brown is affiliated with poverty, humility, bare earth, dust, inert matter and all that is transient and perishable.

As you might have guessed, my favorite color is red.

Be sure to visit The Artist's Muse.


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