Twilight Movie Review

I feel a little sad for the teenaged girls who have read the book Twilight into the wee hours of the morning and anxiously anticipated the movie - which they loved for the most part - and are now hearing the negative reviews the movie has received from so-called experts.

I feel sorry for them because many of the movie reviewers have dismissed the movie as successful only for young girls.

What's wrong with that?

The movie nor the book was ever targeted to adults. It was written specifically for teenagers, so let's allow the girls to enjoy their flick without all the sarcasm.

All movies are not for all people, nor should they be.

I'm glad to see a well written book turned into a movie for teens.

The love of reading and the anticipation of watching the movie afterwards are excellent motivations to encourage more reading among our youth.

I remember that wonderful excited feeling of watching Jane Eyre and Little Women after reading the books when I was young. Sadly, those movies are too corny for most young girls today. Let's just be thankful that Stephenie Meyer has addressed this market with some of the old-fashioned class and dignity of high schoolers left in tact.

I read the book because my daughter wanted to read it and since it was about vampires, in spite of her assurances that it was okay to read, I read it first to make sure. I highly recommend the book as a unique love story with a touch of vampirism. Some Moms might like it too, I did.

I found it to be delightfully good reading without sex and with very little violence. There is always a fight of good over evil in any good story, so a touch of violence is sometimes unavoidable. It deals with high school romance that can take all of us back to high school - before everyone had sex with everybody.


The lead female character has divorced parents and is off to live with her Father in another state. The new high school has people she has never seen or heard of before, vampires. Of course, she doesn't know this when she falls head over heels for the lead male character who is "half" human and half vampire. However, he doesn't attack humans. There are good vampires in conflict with bad vampires who threaten the female lead character. Naturally, he protects her and so we have a thrilling tale of survival and forbidden love.

Here is the best (brief) review I have found for the movie:

TIME: Verdict: Positive

“So Twilight isn't a masterpiece — no matter. It rekindles the warmth of great Hollywood romances, where foreplay was the climax and a kiss was never just a kiss.” —Richard Corliss

* Hollywood Insider Reviews

Amy Wilkinson of the Hollywood Insider says...

... But for the uninitiated, consensus so far seems to be that it's an ineffectual love story combined with cheesy special effects that will leave moviegoers craving more.

Au contrare, not if the movie goers are the people the book was written for.


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