Woman awarded 10.7 Million

New York City or more specifically, a hospital in Queens, neglected a woman for two hours during which time she lapsed into a coma and is now partially paralyzed. It seems she was waiting for a brain scan to check for bleeding in her brain.

The lady is now 71 years old, not that it matters. It wouldn't matter what age she is or was, what matters is that she was harmed due to negligence and should be compensated for her misery.

I am the first to admit and even rant about the lack of patient care in this country, but let's get real. Who in the world needs 10.7 million dollars?

There is apparently no sense of logic or common sense among our people.

What were these jurors thinking?

God help us.

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  1. Wow. 10.7 million? I wonder what her hospital care will cost. I agree on the neglect, but I also think that is a little high.


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