Postpone the debate

Both presidential candidates should be in Washington doing their "current" job.

I've been wondering all week when they were going to step up to the plate. McCain is finally stepping up.

I can't fault Obama though. Obviously he has no pull or clout in the Senate, so why waste his time just being in attendance?

McCain, on the other hand, is and has been vital to getting things done and bringing important issues to the table. His input is crucial during this critical time.

IMO, it shows a severe lack of logic and common sense to say that McCain is avoiding the debate by "running away" to Washington. He works there and there is a crisis.

The debate is just being postponed.

How is that avoiding the debate?

McCain has never been one to run from anything.

CNN and other networks insinuating otherwise are just being outrageously ridiculous.

What happened to true journalism? You know, the kind of journalism where they just give the facts without adding their political slant to the picture. I miss it.


  1. I agree both with your comments about where the candidates should be and about what journalism should be doing. This is a crisis, but Obama hasn't been much of a participant in Congress anyway, so his shirking now doesn't surprise me. He sees this as an opportunity to attack McCain and improve his poll numbers. It makes me wonder where this guy's ambitions will end.

    There's nothing wrong with editorial or commentary from newspapers. After all, we as bloggers voice our opinions all the time. I think they have a responsibility to declare their loyalty or bias at the outset of every article and make a clear separation between news and commentary. It is very difficult to remove all sources of bias from a news article, but that's why not everyone should be a reporter.

  2. Thanks Paul, you're right. Commentary and editorials are certainly welcomed, but as you pointed out, they are not required to inform us as to their intentions before they speak. I guess a good question would be, who, if anyone, is actually a reporter and not a commentator?


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