Leaning towards McCain

The Independent voter (me) is leaning towards the McCain Palin ticket for many reasons, TRUST, CHARACTER and INTEGRITY being among the top criteria.

As for experience, who, really tell me who, is ever experienced enough to be President?

Experience is not on my list of criteria. Was George Washington experienced? Yes, I know he was a General, but that is not experience in leading a country. There is literally no job on earth that can qualify as proper "experience" for being the President of the US.

McCain, however, has the experience by most standards. More importantly, to me at least, is that he has a history of public service that cannot be equalled by anyone who has thrown their hat into the ring of campaigning for President.

While I am still torn and saddened by the lack of concern by many Republicans for the "least" of our citizenry, and indeed, the rhetoric of some who would like to see an end to welfare programs, I am still inclined to vote for McCain / Palin.

I have supported McCain in the past, but until he chose Palin, I thought he would not be able to usher in the changes that he has fought for these many years.

Above all, I would like to see honesty and concern for ALL citizens become the governing factor that directs our folks in Washington.

McCain and Palin are our best chance for restoring honesty and integrity in Washington (IMHO).


  1. Although I have been supporting McCain, I must admit his choice of Palin for VP sealed my commitment. Choosing Palin took great courage. His decision proves his determination and commitment to change. It says "I am not afraid of change, of women in power, of religion, of drilling in the US, of doing what I have to do to protect this country." My God this man is incredibly brave, intelligent, decisive and quite honestly the only man I would trust of the two who are running for President and to protect me and my family.

    One vote...that is all I am...one vote. I pray there are many "one votes" like me out there.

    Great piece.


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