Must add technorati tags
Memo to myself... Must add technorati tags.

Guess what I discovered today?

While blogger labels are great and do seem to get picked up by Technorati, they are not actually "linked" in the technorati cloud of labels, as seen in my Technorati widget on my right sidebar.

I discovered the cool technorati widget this week. You can choose which features you want in your widget, but unfortunately, you cannot choose the colors, which is why that awful green is clashing with my teal.

Since I use the classic blogger on this blog, I really liked the fact that I could include my label tags in the technorati widget. I randomly chose a tag to click on just to make sure it worked as I thought it would.

Immediately I noticed that there was only one or two posts listed for the label. Then I checked my own label tag and realized that there were more that should have been listed.

I checked another label in the technorati widget, and suprise - no posts were listed. So now, I have to go back and enter technorati tags on all of the posts or either get rid of the technorati label widget.

I used to have technorati embedded into each post template which allowed the post title to be listed as the technorati tag, but obviously, every title wasn't an appropriate tag so I removed it.

If you have found an easy way to use labels or a label cloud on Classic blogger, not the new widget blogger, please let me know.

Meanwhile, I will go back to using this free Technorati Tag Generator.

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  1. I thought I was thee Only one still using Classic Blogger!! I was not Happy to Lose all my Widgets!!


  2. Same here. I use the new blogger for my other two blogs, but I've had this one for a couple of years, and frankly, it's just too much trouble! Thanks for visiting.


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