Republicans launch new site

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Today launches not only a new site for the Republican party, but also a new day - one which should have arrived much earlier.

You can now tell the Republican party exactly what you think, and hopefully have some positive dialogue addressing platform issues.

You don't have to be a Republican to participate, but be advised that if you are there to just trash the party, your comments will not be published.

Genuine users can log on and submit their ideas, issues of concern and things that they would like to hear discussed by the Republican party.

All in all, it's a good idea.

Could it be possible that the powers that be, of the Republican party, are indeed clueless as to what our primary concerns are?

  • Gas prices

  • Healthcare

  • jobs and wages

  • the homeless

  • credit card companies and their outrageous practices

  • environment

  • living in a self-sufficient country, dependent on no one for our survival

... in other words, our economy and our future.

And here's another one - who is in charge?

Who dropped the ball and sat back watching the oil crisis develop without doing anything about it?

Why weren't we prepared with alternate fuel sources?

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  1. "genuine users"

    lol...kind of like the republicans let "genuine americans" into their town hall meetings, eh?

    "genuine"meaning bush supporters.

    yeah, right.

  2. "Genuine users" was my wording, not the website's. Genuine, meaning those who can use words and not just abuse the opportunity by shouting obscenities - like that can help anything. Anyway, I'm not republican, I'm an independent. Just like to stay informed on what's happening with both parties.


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