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Manic Monday
Just another manic monday...

A song by the Bangles, read the lyrics to Manic Monday here.

OPERA Browser Upgrade

I downloaded the upgrade to my Opera browser and it's running faster than ever!

My computer hates these things...

I stopped using Firefox because it took up too much ram. My computer is old, I've had it since 2002. It was one of the first PCs to have Windows XP, so my ram is minimal compared to today's standards. Other than that, it works just fine.

I joined Social Sparks last week, but apparently their site is based on Java, and again, it's such slow going that I doubt I will remain a member.

Another thing that annoys me and my slow computer is FeedJit. I HATE this widget. Why do we need to have a live feed on where our visitors are coming from? It takes forever to load. You can opt out, but you have to do it on every single site and frankly, that just takes too much time.

Opera saves me from these annoying widgets.

The Opera browser shows how many objects are being loaded in the url address bar. When I see that it appears to be stuck on an object, I can just hit the big red X and voila, the action stops and I can continue scrolling the page.

One last thing that bothers me when browsing blogs is the music. Please, I don't want to hear your favorite song. If you must inform me as to it's title, at least have the courtesy of allowing me to decide if I want to hear it or not. Waiting for the song to buffer takes too long on my slow computer.

Okay, enough ranting for one day.

Have a great week!

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  1. Thank you!

    I never use Opera before. I use both Firefox and Safari, instead. I like Safari. It's smooth. I use Firefox to access website that Safari currently can't view, such as http://officelive.com .

    Okay, I think there's a misunderstanding. I am currently not involved in Christian ministry in China, not directly.

    You can read more about me on my About page at http://www.lowhanyew.com/about .

    Thanks again!

  2. Perhaps you have a more narrow definition of the term ministry than I do. Your about me page says that you are serving as a pastoral mentor and guitarist in your church. Where I come from, that means you are involved in ministry. I believe that all who serve are involved in ministry. God bless!

  3. I see. It's just that I don't understand the statement on

    "Low Han Yew is involved in Christian ministry in China."

    Ha.. Oh well.

    Thanks again for your greeting!
    Thank you! Thank you!

  4. My apologies if you are not in a Christian church. Your main page says you are Christian, so I just assumed as much. I will remove the statement.

  5. i love opera too and upgraded it ...thank god i dont have music in my blog and i hope you will kepp on visit my blog ehehhe Thank you for visiting my blog .


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