Word Association

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I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Loneliness :: sadness
  2. Luckily, I'm not lonely. Too few people, especailly our young people, don't enjoy spending time alone. How can you know who you are if you are never alone with your thoughts?
  3. Traffic :: idiots
  4. I live in a resort area, but the idiots often times are the locals. You have to drive slower during the summer to accomodate the tourists who aren't sure where they're going. Oh wait, some of the motorcyclists are idiots who think we are all in their way and that they shouldn't have to tolerate those of us who drive in "real" cars.
  5. Chaos :: noise
  6. Too much noise equates to chaos, in my mind.
  7. Burp :: rude
  8. If you're not family, keep it to yourself.
  9. 500 :: dollars
  10. That would pay the rest of my bills this month.
  11. Movie :: drama
  12. I usually wait until they come on TV.
  13. Coma :: lost
  14. Where are they? Hopefully, those in comas are being entertained by angels.
  15. Bark :: tree
  16. Hmmm, no comment.
  17. Stare :: wierd
  18. Ever run into one of those people who NEVER stops looking you in the eye? Wierd. My oldest daughter who is a nurse, believes these wierd starers may have used a few too many drugs and thus have this wild eyed stare that they can't control.
  19. Angelina :: cool
  20. Jolie, that is. Great actress, great activist.


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