Who do you hate?

Political frustration
Who do YOU hate?

McCain or Obama or both?

Newsflash! You don't have to hate one candidate just because you "love" another candidate. We're not in grammar school any more.

Please, if you do hate one of them, I do NOT really want to know.

I'm so frustrated from reading posts by bloggers, who rather than discussing actual political issues have instead decided to jump on every tiny little fault or mistake of the candidate they "hate" and proceed to "trash" them defiantly and with great delight.

Why do people feel they have to hate the "other" candidate?

I'm beginning to worry and wonder about the mental and emotional stability of our citizens when hatred becomes the motivation to campaign for your candidate of choice.

ALL candidates deserve our respect. It certainly is not easy to run for office these days.

Think I'll browse some calmer blog categories for awhile.

All this hatred is depressing.


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