Surges, Spikes and Sinks

It's 4pm Eastern time and yet today has already proven to be a day of shocking extremes that have negative effects on our already declining economic situation.

Oil has surged another $11

May's jobless rate spiked to 5.5%, the largest monthly spike in 20 years.

Once Wall Street heard the news, the Dow sank 300 points.

One very good thing happened to me today. It was the last day of school, a small high school for students throughout our county, who are planning on pursuing a degree in medicine, engineering, law, education, theatre, dance, art, or digital arts. My daughter has one of those coveted spots, but there is no bus transportation and we have been buying gas to the tune of over $100 a week. We live on child support, my seasonal part-time job, my home business of web design (sometimes), and her part-time paycheck. Obviously, we are happy for the summer break.

Now we'll give that money to the light company because our heat pump has been running non-stop for nearly 48 hours due to the extreme heat (South Carolina), and the temp inside is still hovering at 88 degrees. My little tin can is old, not much insulation, and no trees for shade. Thank God for cold water and fans!

But we are among the fortunate. Our car is paid for and we have a roof over our heads. We are blessed.

Living in a tourist area I see homeless men often with their signs and pleas for work or help. I see people walking down the street with their bags of groceries because they have no car, or can't afford to use it. It is a sad situation.

Yes, I am blessed.


  1. it is indeed an eye opener to see the less fortunate. i may not be considered rich but i have a job, a home, and own a car. maybe not much compared to the elite and the rich but they are enough.


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