Maybe I am the circus

Today I was browsing through some of my old blog posts and realized how totally unrelated most of my topics are. I have so many labels - it's ridiculous!

So I guess I may be the one to blame for feeling like I live in a circus. Yeah, the world of politics, religion and media certainly facilitates this premise, but my mind seems to throw down on almost every topic in the world!

Occasionally I write a post just because I have found something interesting online and I want an easy way to find it again, such as the garden in a bottle post. Bookmarks are great, but they don't let you actually post your own commentary on the bookmark. Besides, I have accumulated so many bookmarks that I rarely even look at them.

I have to admit though, re-reading old posts also shows me where my mind was at the time. I like to remind myself of things that I feel passionate about, and that's an easy thing to do after blogging a couple of years.

Well, back to the circus!

The photo is of the lake across the street from my home. The serenity of the lake and the fowl that frequent it are things that nurture my serenity when the circus is too chaotic.


  1. IT is actually refreshing to read your various subjects. You are a good writer, so it makes it interesting. Niche blogs are great (like mine), but it is really good to find those who just share their thoughts and do it well.


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