Lucky Friday the 13th

Good Luck
I'm not superstitious at all, and maybe even a little rebellious when it comes to Friday the 13th. I am determined to have good luck today.

No one knows for sure where the bad luck day originated. Here are a few of the legends.

There were 13 steps to the guillotine.

There were 13 people at the Lord's Last Supper (Judas being number 13).

Jesus was killed on a Friday (some say Friday the 13th).

Whatever the reason, until recent years, hotels have renamed the 13th floor either by skipping the number altogether or by using the 13th floor for something other than hotel guests. Other large buildings have done the same.

Considering the bad luck weather the world has had recently, today is just another day and couldn't be any worse than what has just transpired, especially this past week in the US where the weather has claimed lives.

There have been floods from Missouri to Wisconsin, California and North Carolina fires, and snow in Washington state.

More than 50 tornadoes were reported on Wednesday across Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota, some accompanied by baseball-sized hail.

The heat wave from Georgia to New York which has also caused death.

Hopefully today will pass quietly with no extreme weather.

Happy Friday the 13th!


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