Ignorance scares me?

Ignorance scares me?
The other day as I was driving, I tuned into Neal Boortz' radio show - for a few minutes. That's all I could take of him.

Boortz, a libertarian who doesn't believe in global warming, has a call-in show. A listener called in to ask Boortz what was wrong with people believing in global warming? In other words, what harm does it do even if Boortz and those who think it's a scam, are right?

Boortz' reply was simply - "Because ignorance scares me."

Hmmm. Let's try that again. The listener asked again and got the same reply, which was not an answer to his question.

Too often these days, when you "get" a egotistical, always right, know-it-all person with a question they actually have no rational response to, they just insult someone or make a totally childish comment delivered quite profoundly to hopefully shut up the non-thinking world of listeners who form their opinions based on what they hear on the radio or through other media. Boortz is good at that.

What harm indeed?

We are to be good stewards of this planet. Whether you believe in God and the laws of the universe He set forth, or whether you believe in karma, most of us know that we reap what we sow.

How terrible is it that we cannot drink the water without treating it chemically?

How sad are the unbelievable numbers of asthma sufferers?

How devastating are the number of cancer deaths?

If you plant a garden in your yard, do you not nurture it and protect it from outside perils that would take away your harvest? Of course you do!

Is this planet not the garden of humans? I say it is.

Let's take care of it, in spite of people like Boortz.

By the way, ignorance scares me too, especially when their ignorance is being broadcast for millions to hear.


  1. We agree entirely on this. Perhaps not on everything, but I look forward to reading more of your blog to find out.


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