I just joined the other day and I have found it quite fun to answer some of the questions over there. You can even earn a little money if you participate regularly. You earn from referrals too. Plus, it's a good way to discover new topics for blogging.

I answered a question about flirting and thought I would share it here...

Flirt flirt flirt.... why do people flirt?? Is it because you're attracted to someone or its just being friendly?


If a person is actually flirting, then it's because they're interested or want you to think they are. Since I'm a female, I can only respond as to how a female might flirt. Everybody is different though.

Flirting is a combination of things, not just one.

A smile and a wink can be flirting.

Conversation is usually just being friendly unless they "enter your space."

Hanging around you for no apparent reason is a clear sign they want your attention - they're flirting.

Asking you silly questions just to get you to talk to them is another clear sign of flirting. A simple response to your question or comment is not necessarily flirting, it depends on the answer and how they act during the response.

Sometimes flirting happens just because a person wants or needs the attention that flirting can bring. A stroke of the ego, especially when someone else has just made them feel inadequate in some way.

When it comes to women, flirting can be an attack on your girlfriend and not really flirting with you at all! Yep, we can be mean.

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    You said it all about flirting. I can no longer add anything from it. Thanks for the post. God bless.

  2. Oh can be flirting? I always smile back to people who smiled at me first but never intend to flirt. Oh I guess I need to moderate it to stop them thinking that I'm interested to them lol! Thanks for visitng my health blog Sandra.


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