Women living in their car

One day, when I'm rich, I want to have a boarding house for abandoned wives. I have a real heart for them because I am one of them. Too many of these ladies are ending up homeless through no fault of their own. I realize that marriage is two way street, but it's a dead end street for women when a husband just walks out without notice and without an ounce of effort because he wants a newer version.

CNN did a spot a few days ago interviewing a couple of ladies who are living in their cars. These are not dead beat women, they work, but it's not enough to live on.

It's quite interesting to me how America either isn't aware or doesn't care how many people are being forced into homelessness these days.

Every time I see a clip like this, I thank God that I am not that person, yet.

The sad truth is that I, and many more like me, am barely hanging on. I owe so much money I can't even begin to contemplate how I will ever be able to pay it back.

Meanwhile, life goes on and we seem to manage one day at a time. I am thankful to still have my humble abode, which is in dire need of repairs.

Full story at CNN.

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