Vonage Reviews Requested

My brother has been using Vonage for about 4 months and he is happy with it. One of his favorite features is that he can add a number from a different area code to allow his clients to dial a local number. Pretty cool feature, and it's only a few dollars extra, around $5, I think (don't quote me).

I'm interested in getting some feedback about Vonage because I am trying to cut back on expenses and the land line telephone bill is just ridiculous. My daughter has a cell phone for her personal calls, but I still need a number where I can be reached - a home phone number.

C/Net reports that Vonage is back on the upswing, after a little slackness during which time customers were reporting poor quality.

Vonage is also entering into the broadband business, which should make things better.

The new service, called Vonage Broadband, will offer speeds of 3 megabits per second to 6 Mbps to residential and small-business customers. It will allow Vonage to bundle its Internet telephony services with broadband services. Until now, customers using Vonage would get their own broadband service from a cable company or phone company and then add the Vonage service on top.

If you use Vonage, are you happy with it?

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