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The Federal Government has programs to help certain individuals and groups, but many people do not know how to access them, which is why the grant books are so popular. I have not purchased or seen a copy of the grant book, but I have found the government website for these programs which details the qualifications and the contact information for applying for help.

Here are just a few of the programs available...

Supplemental Security Income
Social Security Disability
Pension to Veterans Surviving Spouses, and Children
Crop Disaster
Livestock Assistance
Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program

The table of contents will lead you to each program, an explanation of the program, the qualifications to be a recipient of the program, and instructions for applying for each program.

Here's the link, and if that doesn't work, try the home page at and look to the left "Features" menu and click on "Types of Assistance," then click on letter "D" (Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use).

If you're looking for a federal grant, try

Learn how to develop and write a grant proposal (provided freely by the government) - click here.

For more info, see Barbara Cubin's website, currently the Republican congresswoman from Wyoming. Thanks to her for this information.

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