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My daughter is a junior in high school and she has been working on two projects, both of which required Power Point Presentations in addition to the written papers, logs and reports. We have been using a demo or trial copy of Office 2007 and we were on our last permission to use it yesterday. No problem, we'll just leave the software running so we can finish tomorrow, right? Wrong.

During the night, my updates or virus software which are scheduled for about 3am, and I'm not sure which one did it, but one of them rebooted the computer.

In case you didn't know, once the program expires you can't even copy anything out of it. You can look at them, but you can't do anything with them. Since we left the project open, we couldn't burn it to a cd either.

So tonight, I was feverishly searching for slide presentation software in the open source arena or a trial version, but I couldn't find one without watermarks. Then I saw Google Docs in the search results.

I thought Google Docs was all about word processing documents and spreadsheets, but I was wrong.

Google Docs can also create ppt files, which is the same as a power point presentation - HOORAY! You can save it to your hard drive too.

It also creates a link so you can have others view the presentation online, and you can create a presentation to embed in your website or blog. How cool is that?

Did I mention that all of this is FREE?

You can also save your documents as a pdf file, and then attach them to an email. You can create spreadsheets too.

This is such a valuable tool for students and teachers.

It's also a collaboration tool, if you need to have several people working on the same file. Editing the files is much easier that power point too.

It even keeps a history of each edit.

You could even use it to store files that you need when you're away from your computer, or use it to store important files as a backup option.

You could create a presentation for your service or product to share with others, or you could keep your service contracts there so you could print them out when you need them, from anyone's computer! No more lagging that laptop around, your files are online thanks to Google Docs.

Try it, it's easy to use, and it's FREE!

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