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The blogosphere is teeming with interesting blogs. I knew that. But, Entrecard and other blog networking sites such as BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog have enabled me to actually find some really interesting blogs.

Problem is, I've been spending so much time READING blogs that I haven't been POSTING.

One of the problems I have come across is the freezing of my browser. This happens when I come across a blog with more widgets and gadgets than content. It happens, believe me.

The good thing about using the Firefox browser is that I can just click on the big red X at the top of the window, and ouila!, the busy blog stops dead in its tracks yet continues to load the textual content. Three cheers for Firefox!

Other browsers just get stuck, frozen in la-la land and force you to end the task via the Ctrl+Alt+Delete window. Not a good thing.

Yes I have DSL, but my poor computer is 8 years old, but still running great! I have Windows XP and an ok hard drive, but my ram is sorely lacking which prevents me from running all of those danged gadgets everyone loves.

I have used IE, Maxthon, SlimPeak, Opera and Firefox. Firefox is my first choice, but my daughter prefers Opera, so we use them both.

Opera doesn't have Roboform as a plugin (Firefox does), but it does save passwords. If you enjoy tabbed browsing, these two are the best. They both have cool right-click features that allow you to share and blog from the site you are viewing. Firefox has a separate Scribefire plugin that loads in the bottom half of your screen for easy posting to Blogger.

Opera had a "Speed Dial" interface (page) that allows you to choose your favorite sites and then just load the page and click on the desired site. It's quicker than bookmarks, which is why my daughter loves it.

There are loads of plugins for both browsers, but I don't have time to go through all of them. Suffice it to say that I think both are at the top of the list of the best all around browsers.

You can get Firefox here - it's free.

Download Opera here - also free.

As you can also see below, I use a really small, really cool technorati tag generator that's also free. I guess I love gadgets too. *grin*

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