Entrecard bloggers are great

Entrecard is a social network of bloggers who "drop" by member blogs and help promote each other, while also reading some great blogs and making new friends.

I just joined a few days ago and am literally amazed at all the great blogs I have discovered. I have found myself participating more by posting comments on other blog posts and subscribing to my favorite ones so I don't miss anything.

Once you join (free), you can link up ALL of your blogs and create a 125 by 125 pixel card that promotes your blog titles. Then you just copy the snippet of code and paste it into your blog template. The easy add-a-blog feature makes it simple to switch between blogs and you can keep track of your "droppers" by selecting your Inbox.

When another Entrecard member visits your blog, they just click on the "Drop" button and you earn credits for advertising your own blog. Once you click the "drop" it changes to "Thanks" which I think is cute *grin*. Blog owners cannot advertise on your blog without your approval, which is another great feature.

Download the free pdf ebook explaining Entrecard here.

It's a great service!

Just click here to join us!

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