A Proverb a day

A Proverb a day keep foolishness at bay!

Whether you are a Christian or not, the book of Proverbs is a wonderful read.

There are 31 chapters, so you can read a chapter every day of the month, and then continue month after month to let these seeds of wisdom penetrate your life and help you gain wisdom and insight.

My daughter and I read a chapter a day. This is our daily devotional. She is 17 and is enjoying this time we spend together. We also stop and discuss interesting and sometimes witty parts of this marvelous book of Proverbs.

I prefer the New International Version because it is simpler to read while remaining accurate in its translation.

Here are the links for every day which will open in a new browser window.

Keep foolishness at bay...
Read a chapter a day!
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  1. I actually do jail ministry,
    but am not an ordained minister.
    Very few actually do visit jails or

    I have taught about one of the "Wisdom Books", Proverbs.

    If anyone will just take the time to study
    this book and not
    be too proud to ask a
    chaplain or
    minister to explain any
    which is troublesome, it can be a great teacher.

    One other thing is to put the principles of Proverbs into practice, which would be life changing.


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