Our Aging Americans

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Addresing healthcare for our ever growing geriatric population...

A friend of mine was stressed this past week as her elderly Father had several complications from heart surgery, then gallbladder surgery.

I could relate well, having lost my own Mother to a series of events following one heart related trauma. She passed away after 6 weeks of fighting for life.

The plain truth is that our hospitals do not know how to properly care for the elderly patients. Many mistakes are made, I can testify to that first hand.

Possible side effects of treatment options must be examined more thoroughly for our senior citizens. Doctors and nurses need to be more prepared immediately because 6,000 people in America are turning 65 years old every day.

In just 12 years, 20% of America's population will be aged 65 and older.

We are not prepared.

We are in a crisis situation.

Why can't there be an elderly wing (at the very least) of our hospitals where the staff is appropriately educated in treating the elderly?

Why is this such a problem?

We have a pediatric wing, an ob/gyn wing, and a cardiac wing (or floor), so why not a geriatric wing?

Seems like a simple solution to me.

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