Ancient Buddha Statues

Buddha statue
I don't know how I missed this, but back in 2001 before the 9-11 event, the Taliban showed their ugly fangs by destroying the oldest statues of Buddha which stood symbolically guarding a maze of caves.

This destruction of antiquity is abominable and it is sad that the UN was not able to halt the destruction.

The statues were the largest in the world (one was 170 feet high) and were believed to have been carved into the sandstone mountain in the third and fifth century A.D.

Apparently, no religion is safe from the terrorist tactics of Taliban Islamic extremists.

References: National Geographic

The Taleban has controlled most of Afghanistan since 1996, though few countries recognize it as the rightful Afghan government. The fundamentalist Muslim sect has imposed a strict Islamic code within its territory, but many disagree with its stern application of Islamic law.


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